ALTINBILEK MAKINA INS. SAN. VE TIC. A.S. Grain Handling System, Milling Machinery, Screw Conveyor, Chain Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, Enclosed Belt Conveyor, Belt Conveyor, Grain Sorting System
ESIT ELEKTRONIK SIST. LTD. STI. electronic, electricity, indicators, control devices, control device, weight indicators, load cell amplifiers, ethernet

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Esit electronic started off as an engineering company in 1980,Esit got into the market by making various electronic devices for different industries. As time passed Esits focus increased on the weighing devices and products and thus eventually started building scales in 1987 under the name Esit. Esit, has always been a pioneer in the weighing industry in Turkey; In 1987 Esit built the first weighing indicator from scratch, in 1989 the first loadcell,in 1991 the first automated weighing system,in 1996 first digital load cell,in 2000 first mobile vehicle scale,and in 2006 the first full automated wireless scale system. As an industry leader in Turkey, creative engineering and importance of R&D are treasured greatly in Esit. Esit has been the only firm in Turkey capable of producing first class weighing products which are certified by the European standards. Headquartered in Turkey, Esit has two manufacturing plants, one in Istanbul other in Sakarya area. The Plant in Istanbul Alemdag takes up 32000m² and produces various products including Load Cells, Electronic Indicators, Steel Construction, Machines, Metal Casting, .Alemdag plant also hosts the R&D technical units as well as the main offices and sales department. Our plant in Sakarya Hendek takes up 30000m2 and is mainly used for producing Truck Scales. Esit has a total 360 employees in its various departments. With its wide variety of products offered and size Esit penetrated the European market rapidly, Becoming one of the leaders in the eastern European market as well as the middle east and the western Asia. Esit currently has branches in Turkey, Bulgaria , Romania and Russia. Working under the ISO 9000 quality assurance system Esit, has the ability to produce and brand all its products with the EU certificate. Esit has the EN 45501 quality certificate as well as the international OIML, CE certificates in all its products
Sg Makine, which exhibits a unique quality policy based on traditional values ​​equipped with up-to-date information, aims to carry itself forward by developing technology in line with customer expectations by keeping the line it catches.
Since 1998 the sector that the company from received information and accumulation and installations in the year 2019 perform zrc industrial weighing and automation systems ltd ‘ weighing on behalf of’ the slogan and %100 by adopting customer even principles of contemporary production, reasonable price and fast service team with national and international solution partner.
Cement, for energy and automation sectors, with 25 years of production experience, professional, economic and perfectionist approaches, service quality, project safety, the rule of Automation, Launches ... SCAS leading industry organizations who serve our country, with a reputable position in the sector, the service policy the innovations of the industry with a differentiated and acquired enterprise. SCAS, rapidly developing technology products and solutions offered by pioneering achieved through developing the infrastructure, knowledge, experience, expert staff and a leader in product quality and has the brain power. Leadership in the industry to continue, "Customer Oriented" principle of thinking, aims to maintain the highest quality of products and services offered to its customers to adopt a policy of industrial automation and in light of successful projects implemented in recent years, cement and power sectors, engineering, consulting, manufacturing, assembly, SCAS providing technical services, "Yesterday's experience, the technology of tomorrow" slogan, and is implementing the knowledge gained by offering tomorrow's technology, focused on the challenge of shaping the future.
As Ozkanlar Baskul we manufacture and supply weighbridges, scales, electronic vehicle weighbridges, truck scales, industrial weighing systems, weighing systems, weighbridge spare parts, weighbridge accessories, digital weighbridges, container weighing systems, belt scales, loader scales, excavator scales, transpallet scales, crane scales, weighbridge, scale, electronic vehicle weighbridge, truck scale, industrial weighing system, weighing system, weighbridge spare part, weighbridge accessory, digital weighbridge, container weighing system, belt scale, loader scale, excavator scale, transpallet scale, crane scale, dynamic weighing systems, static weighing systems, marble scales, pallet scales, tumba sclaes, iron and steel scales, livestock scales, multipurpose small bascules, indicators, loadcells, j-boxes, traffic light systems, barrier systems, plate recognition systems, external displays, voice guidance systems, visual guidance systems, rfid systems, dynamic weighing system, static weighing system, marble scale, pallet scale, tumba sclae, iron and steel scale, livestock scale, multipurpose small bascule, indicator, loadcell, j-box, traffic light system, barrier system, plate recognition system, external display, voice guidance system, visual guidance system, rfid system... Ozkanlar baskul has begun to produce mechanical weighing scales at 1985. By the improvements in technology, the Company has started to produce electronic weighing systems after 1995. We serve with the 40 different kinds of products for different industries. The vehicle weighbridges are our major products. Our company added research & development department which creates new products with experienced engineers to provide our customer all needs. The Company which takes guide of customer’s needs, efforts to make best in all departments. ISO 9001/2008 standarts has been added in company management of quality system and with the CE certificate, company catches Europe Standards. With our experienced technicians and sales manager, we serve all over the country. We serve official stamping and registering with our weighbridge calibration vehicle and M1 class 40T etalon masses for customer. Ozkanlar Baskul is increasing its successes with combining experience and Technologies without breaking the company vision which is being sensitive for nature and human.
Expanding day by day it carried out it sactivities toplantin cludes 22.000 m2; out door area and 12.000 2; indoor area of at Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone. ALTINBILEK, one of the leading companies in Turkey in manufacturing of high capacity chain conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, various steel silo component sand accessories